Everyone starts from scratch on Instagram — including the big players. You don’t get anything handed to you on your first day.

If you want thousands — or millions — of followers, you need to work your way to the top. You need to grow, and you need to do it the right way.

Here’s what you need to know about Instagram growth.

1 – Focus on Organic Growth

The word growth is quite generic. There’s inorganic growth and then there’s organic growth.

Inorganic growth refers to paid growth on Instagram. It lets you grow your Instagram account directly.

For example, you want 1,000 new followers. So, you find a service that offers this. For 1,000 new followers, yes — you will need to pay.

Once that service follows through, you’ll have 1,000 new followers immediately. It will make your account appear popular.

On the other hand, organic growth refers to natural growth. And it’s this type of growth that should be your focus.

Organic growth is an indirect way of growing your Instagram account. And it’s the recommended way.

Compared to a direct approach, organic growth tends to be relatively slow. However, it can lead to more conversions, a boost in brand awareness, and an increase in sales.

Let’s use the same example where you want 1,000 new followers.

An organic growth service provider won’t give you 1,000 new followers. Rather, it will optimize your account for these followers to come to you.

To read more about growth and organic growth services, check out Medium. Medium.com has this article about using an organic Instagram growth service.

2 – It Can Take Time

And typically, it will. So just be patient and while you’re at it, be sure to stay consistent and confident.

Sure, there are stories featuring Instagram accounts who got to 1,000,000 followers from less than 100 super fast. But remember that these accounts usually worked for some time on the back end to make this happen.

So, if you’re a newbie, don’t think that there’s something wrong with your Instagram account if its growth is not as fast as others’.

Compare, if you want to. But avoid doing it to undermine your capabilities.

Checking out your competitors’ Instagram accounts is a smart approach. But it’s only so if it helps you create a great profile, feature great products, and improve your promotional game.

If not, ditch such a destructive habit. It only consumes time and leaves you to doubt your potential.

The Bottom Line

Adopting a growth mindset is important. If you’re open to applying the best Instagram practices that will benefit your account, you’ll be an Instagram superstar soon.