Painting your home or old furniture or anything can be fun with paint sprayers and can save your time as compared to traditional method. So, if you are looking to buy a paint sprayer, it will be better to look upon the various types and products available. It is recommended to assure about products by checking the reviews online. There are numerous websites with latest product reviews like which will guide you before you buy a specific product.

Types of paint sprayers

  • Compressed Air Sprayer: With smooth and fine finishing, these sprayers use compressed air to paint on the surface. They are the best choice, if you are going to paint your furniture, cupboards or cabinets. They are less expensive than airless sprayers or High volume low pressure sprayers. Less messy and more easy to use, these sprayers make it a popular choice over others. You will need only a paint gun and hose if you already have the air compressor to make it work.
  • Airless Paint Sprayer: This is counted as the best choice for waterproofing and staining as they work out by pumping out the paint which spreads out evenly. The paint is coated on the surface by a high pressure. Its capacity of holding thicker paints is more than other paint sprayer. For exterior places, spaces and surfaces you can consider it as the best option like for decks, fences, boundary walls etc.
  • HVLP (High volume Low pressure) Paint spray: it is the best sprayer for smooth finishing as the speed of paint towards the surface is comparatively slow which gives time for settling of more paint at the surface evenly. The steady and large air volume is processed in these kinds of paint sprayers. There is no wastage of paint as nothing is spread out from the surface while spraying paint. If you are looking for interior work where spread out of paint can spoil your valuables or carpet, you should use this kind of sprayer. It offers high quality and smooth finish to the walls.