The most effective diet in the world helping to restore health and to lose weight is at the same time. In the meantime, it is the most ancient diet. Greek Diet considered providing outstanding performance. In this article, you will learn out more about it.

Olive oil: even its smell will help you to lose weight.

The content of nonsaturated fats in olive oil is higher than in any other product. It is proved that consumption of olive oil helps a body to spend more energy during rest. Therefore, you will grow thin even sitting and during sleep. The research established that even the smell of olive oil helps people to feel full therefore they instinctively eat less. Participants of a research, to whose yogurt were added odorous extract of olive oil, ate less and had better indicators of sugar in blood after food.

Yogurt: bacteria help to lose weight

Yogurt eliminates hunger, increases a sense of fullness, stabilizes sugar level in blood and prevents an overheating. It is possible because it contains more protein on product gram, than in any other dairy food, ready to the use. However, only homemade or 100 % natural yogurt is able to provide the aforementioned effect. Therefore, if you do not sure that the available yogurt is natural, it is better to purchase yogurt maker (the reviews of the best yogurt makers available at Yummy Yogurt). Thus, you will be always sure about the quality of your meal.

Our body burns more calories, acquiring and digesting proteins, than carbohydrates. Though yogurt – not the unique food containing probiotics (useful to bacteria in intestines), but yogurt is the tastiest and available method for daily support of the necessary level of useful bacteria. In addition, scientists proved for a long time that if you have no necessary quantity of the correct microorganisms, it would be very difficult for you to lose weight even if you eat very little and you go in for fitness much.

Vegetables: interfere with dehydration.

If your organism does not have enough of minerals vitamins and antioxidants, you would not lose weight. Researchers show that when we are tired, we are more inclined to eating junk food, and minerals in vegetables force an organism to work at the raised turnovers and fill a body with energy. Vegetables approximately for 90% consist of water; therefore, they help to avoid dehydration, which interferes with the combustion of fat. Water also helps us to feel full, even without eating food. In addition, the fiber containing in vegetables not only accelerates digestion process but also fills a body, thereby strengthening the effect of filling by water.

Seafood: accelerate combustion of fat.

Most of the people have not enough of the fatty acids (like omega-3) in the organism. These acids are extremely necessary for a healthy metabolism, normalization of sugar in the blood and combustion of fat. The consumption of fish and mollusks at least 2 times a week can strengthen a metabolism on 400 calories a day and interfere with the expansion of fatty cages, especially in a stomach.