Oahu is one of the islands that make up the U.S. state of Hawaii. It is the third largest of the islands and its name translates to ‘The Gathering Place’. It is also the most populated of all the islands since it holds 75% of all the population of Hawaii. Honolulu International Airport is also located in the island of Oahu. This island is chock full of attractive spots to visit and discover. It has beautiful beaches, palm trees swaying lazily in the wind, warm people and the most beautiful coral reef imaginable. The coral reefs are a huge attraction to scuba divers all over the world. Not surprisingly, Oahu has some spots with amazing coral reefs for best scuba diving on Oahu. Read on to find out more.

Hanauma Bay

This is a Nature Preserve in Oahu that boasts one of the most serene coral reefs of all the islands. The reef contains beautiful, colorful corals and turtles as well. The name Hanauma means ‘curved’. There are reef fish here it for your admiration as well. At Hanauma Bay, both experienced and beginner scuba divers can enjoy the view underwater. The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles are an endangered species. Thus, they live comfortably in the Hanauma Bay since it is protected by the laws of Hawaii. The reef fish are numerous. Moreover, they can grow pretty big. Examples of reef fish are spotted eagle rays, convict tangs, sergeant majors, moray eels and parrot fish. The water in the bay is shallow. This makes it so easy to scuba dive in this bay and enjoy the underwater flora and fauna.

Waimea Bay

If one wants to snorkel or scuba dive, they can visit this bay and enjoy the beautiful reef. The Eastern part of this bay is easily accessible through the shore or by taking a boat. The reef featured an underwater tunnel that was created by volcanic action. This tunnel is a wonder to swim through when scuba diving. The ceiling of the tunnel is covered in snowflake coral. The cracks of the tunnel are home to juvenile lobsters. One can spot whitetip sharks close to the mouth of the underwater reef tunnel. In addition to the sharks, one can see eagle rays and turtles too. The water in this bay is calm and it is an ideal spot to scuba dive in Oahu.

Kahuku Ledge

This is another spot in Oahu that is superb for scuba diving. Located in the most northern part of the island, this spot is accessible via boat from Haleiwa Harbor. The ledge is 160 feet high. At the bottom, a visitor can scuba dive and get to see amazing fauna such as yellowfin tunas, openwater jacks as well as turtles. Many people also come to the ledge to dive. The water is often calm and conducive for these activities. Kahuku Ledge is one of the best scuba diving on Oahu spots and many scuba divers come here.

Shark’s Cove

This is an ideal spot to scuba dive in Oahu. In the summer, you can dive in this spot quite easily. There are many beautiful features underwater for scuba divers to enjoy. The fish include whitetip