Human foot is the most amazing part of the body and has several ligaments and tissues that help in keeping all the moving parts intact with each other. Foot helps in walking, standing, running and jumping. It bears all your body weight when you stand or hold/lift anything.  Many times, people pay attention to the other body parts but neglect the care of their foot. They start caring for it once they get some sort of infection, disease or pain in the foot. There are lots of medical problems that can arise in your feet. Negligence can result in amputation so if you experience any kind of problem in your feet, you should immediately visit to the podiatrist. At Shepherd Square Podiatry – Dr. Anthony LaMarra, DPM is a leading podiatrist whom you can approach for treatment of all types of foot and ankle related problems.

 Sore feet are painful

There is no surprise that you get foot ache after a long day work. But most of the time, it is cured on its own when you rest for some time. But, there are lots of people who battle with severe foot ache when they stand for long hours, run, jump, or wear high heels. In such case, it is suggested to visit the podiatrist for seeking the medical help. Most common reasons for foot ache can be foot stress, athlete’s foot, corns and callus, gout, blister, minute fracture and ligament issues. Osteoporosis can also be the cause for sore foot.

Toenail problems

Lots of toenail problems are there which can be painful, cause infections or make your feet ugly. If you are troubled with toenail problems, visit to the podiatrist. Some common toenail problems include spoon-shaped toenails, yellow toenail, toenail fungus, ingrown toenail and hammertoes, crush injuries and nail infections.

Other foot problems

There are many more foot problems for which you should immediately approach to the podiatrist. Gagarin, Bunions, Metatarsal Tibialis posterior dysfunction and ankle arthritis are the other foot problems for which there is a need of surgical treatment. Some of the problems need open surgery while the other types of problems are treated through laser treatments. There are many foot care hospitals which offer several advanced treatments also which are less painful. You should check with your podiatrist whether such kinds of advance facilities are available or not. It will help you to pick the right medical center for treatment of foot problems.