Having a bicycle ride not only offers benefits to your health, but it is also environment friendly. But for hassle free ride, you need to keep your bikes maintained regularly. Though, there are several maintenance tools available but a bike pump is most important. Yes, Pumps For Bikes explains you everything, like tire pressure, air etc. that is appropriate for different types of bikes. You can get to know about the different bike pumps and the features to look for buying one by reading further.

Bicycle pump weight and size – Weight and size of any equipment are the most important things to consider. More weight and big size takes your more effort while operating the equipment. This belief also implies with bicycle pump. Always select a bicycle pump of compact size like mini pump so that you can also take it along with you outside. Being small in size, mini pump is only for single-use purposes, you cannot use them like other high air pressure and robust pumps. If you frequently trek in rough landscape, you might consider one superior bicycle pump at residence as well as other lightweight pump for travel desires.

Air pressure – It is another point to look in a bicycle pump. Before purchasing, be sure that whether a pump can offer correct air pressure needed for your bicycle tires or not. Usually, standard air pressure will be range from 85-130 psi for road bicycles as well as 30-50 psi for mountain bicycles. Along with this, also keep in mind that sometimes a high air pressure pump may not have accurate gauge. Therefore, consider such pump that provides needed air pressure for your bikes tires.

Pump material – Investing in a pump is directly dependent on individual’s need. For example, if you are an enthusiastic rider and frequently use bikes pump, then go for metal made pumps. Metal made pumps are much durable and made for long runs, whereas, plastic pumps are also available in the market, but they are not much durable and might tear down after few usages.

Valve type – usually these days, bicycles come with two types of valve, i.e. presta (regular road bike) and Schrader (special mountain bikes). To pump in Presta valve based tire, you need a high air pressure pump, whereas Schrader valved tires can be pumped from a regular air pressure pump. Mostly, head of the pumps vary depending on the kind of valve installed.