It is the wish of all parents to find their kids happy at all times although it is not always practical to be with the child at all times. At times, you may be required to spend a few minutes in the kitchen, washrooms, your bedroom, or even at the kitchen garden. To reduce the concern of your baby’s comfort and safety, this is where the baby monitors come in handy.

A baby monitor, commonly referred to as a baby alarm, is a transistor system that is used to listen to all kinds of sounds made by the infant. For many years, the audio monitors were very common. An audio monitor consists of a transmitter component with a microphone. It is placed near the child to send the sounds via radio waves to a receiver component with a speaker at the other end of the caretaker. However, the audio baby monitors have been overtaken by time. For easy and convenient monitoring, video baby monitors have been introduced. These are commonly referred to as baby cams and they have really simplified the parenting process. They are designed to help a parent keep track of the child’s every move without necessarily being on the same room. Baby monitors are regarded as a must have thing for every parent.

One of the primary purposes of baby monitors is to allow the parent or the child’s attendants hear when the baby wakes up especially while outside the immediate hearing distance. To add onto this, most of these baby monitors provides a two-way communication system that allows the parent to communicate to the kid while in another room.

Baby monitors can be in the following forms:

Movement monitors

These monitors use some sensor pads that are placed beneath the baby’s mattress to detect any movement. If the movement persists, a warning alarm will sound.

Video monitors

These baby monitors make use of a video camera to display pictures and videos of your kid. The pictures may be seen by either including a portable LCD screen or by plugging in the receiver into a television. Some of these video baby monitors have been designed to work even at low light intensities. This infrared attachment feature enables you as the parent to keep a close eye to monitor your darling even in a dark room or at night. With the continued evolution of baby monitors, some of them have built in lullabies, night-lights, movement monitoring device, and a temperature-monitoring device.

Wired and wireless

Generally, most of the baby monitors available use a wireless system. They use radio frequencies selected by the government for unlicensed use. However, some other baby monitors may use wired technology.

Using a smartphone as baby monitor

Some smartphones apps that allow a user to monitor a device equipped with a camera. Additionally, WI-FI can establish a link between a camera and a dedicated app on a tablet or a smart phone.


With all these broad classifications of baby monitors, it is now possible for a parent to go for a convenient monitor to help her keep a close eye on the kid at all times, if you’re looking for a baby movement monitor right now I advise you to visit: right now to see if there are any special deals available. BabyShop.Tips is a product review site that researches the best rated models!