Electric arc is one of the most common techniques which is used for welding metals. During this type of welding, plasma is released that is harmful for the eyes. Hence, the welder is needed to wear the protective gear in order to work with more safety. Out of the different types of protective gears, welding helmets are the most popular ones. This type of helmet is different from the regular helmet as it provides protection to the complete face and neck.

Modern welding helmets are considered to be more functional as compared to the traditional helmets used by the welder. So, if you are a welder or you own an industry where welding work is prominently done, then you can consider Auto darkening welding helmets for the protection of face from the ashes and flash released during welding. There are lots of suppliers of this type of safety helmets. While buying, you should ensure the same features in the helmet as they demonstrated in the images.

Auto darkening welding helmets

Professional welders are very much cautious about their safety while at work. For this reason, they prefer to use the Auto darkening helmets for welding. This type of welding helmet is technologically advanced than that of the traditional welding helmet. Advanced welding helmets have the control to adjust the darkening of the lens from the light one to the dark one.

With the auto darkening cartridge, there is a quick changing LCD screen which enables to change the color of the screen within a fraction of second. Hence, the welder is able to see the things with more clarity.

Adjustable gears in the auto darkening welding helmets

There are adjustable gears that provide more comfort to the wearer. You can look for the helmet with padded strap to add more comfort. It also has some sensors attached to it. These sensors protect you from getting the sudden flash that could hurt your eyes. Some of the automatic darkening helmets have the inner controls while the others have the outer controls, thus welder does not have to take the helmet out every time to make the adjustment of the lens and adjusting the helmet on the head. You can also find the welding helmet with the timer so that you do not have to look your watch to check the time.  Timer also allows you to note the welding time for effective welding.