An electrical saw is a tool, which is intended for sawing of different materials. In this article, we will consider different types of power saws, and features of a choice and purpose of electrical saws.

To construct the house; to make firewood for a fireplace or the furnace; to cut trees in a garden or at the country house; to perform other works connected with a cutting of construction material. For this purposes, the special tool surely will be required – an electric saw.

Electric saws, unlike petrol, do not require fuelling. It is simpler than a power saw in use and makes less noise when operating. The absence of exhaust gasses makes this tool ecologically safe and allows using a power saw in any locations. In cold seasons, it is also more preferable to use an electric saw, as it has no problems with start on frosts. A lack of electrical saws is dependence on the electric power supply. However, if you are not going to cut the wood far from the house, then this tool is necessary for you.

In shops, there is a wide choice of electrical saws, and sometimes not easy to understand what tool is necessary for the satisfaction of your demand.

We will consider the existing types of power saws, features of which allow performing the greatest efficiency of certain works with different materials.

Circular saw

Such saw has many opportunities for carrying out construction and repair work. This tool has wide popularity. Therefore producers pay close attention, equipping the tool with adjustment of speeds, the anti-vibration device, protection against an overheat, laser illumination of a cut and other additional functions.

The design of a circular saw consists of the engine and the cutting tool — a saw blade. If you would like to buy such saw, considered that you will need several blades. Be sure. It is difficult to dispute the logic, which we have suggested.


The chain electrical saw also has the electric engine, but its working part represents the circuit leaning on the bus with teeth, which fasten with each other by means of hinges. Speed and level of vibration in the case of a material cut depends on a value of a step of the tooth. The circuit is set in motion by a driving sprocket. There, is a driven sprocket for a circuit tension on the opposite end of the bus.

The first option is a longitudinal electrical saw. Longitudinal power saws have the best balancing in comparison with a cross option of installation.

The design of a power saw provides the protective guard (bracket), which is a chain brake. Besides, the chain power saw has a special capacity from where oil automatically lubricants a chain. Many models have an adjustment of the intensity of lubricant to work with the material.

Professional chainsaws have a function for support of constant speed of the engine that promotes the largest accuracy of a cut. Professional saws also allow working in the continuous mode much longer.