Instagram offers new features every year.  In other words, the platform keeps re-inventing itself to give you a better experience. By extension, this means that you have to be aware of what’s happening month after month to get the results that you want. Here’s a rundown of new tricks to keep you relevant on the network.

Change your Bio Fonts

Your profile needs to be neat and organized. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to change your fonts to ensure that your bio remains attractive to the eyes. Nowadays, you can use symbols that will spruce up your profile and make it stand out. Be sure to use the Instagram font’s generator to make things such as Stories look unique.

Keep Growing your Audience

Okay, here is the thing – you will not get the attention you want on Instagram if you don’t find a way to maintain a massive following. And, one of the easiest ways to keep numbers behind you is to use a growth service such as Social Steeze. Be sure to visit Income Artist to read more about Social Steeze and how it can help you with your Instagram growth efforts.

Use the Close Friends Feature More Often

You must keep up with what your friends, followers, and influencers are doing. Instagram has a new function known as Close Friends that allows your follower to have a sneak peek in your brand’s feature brands plan. The idea is to ensure that your audience knows what is happening behind the back and why to expect from you. Think of it as a way to make them feel special. By extension, this translates to more engagement. It also enables you to create a list of loyal followers.

Schedule Instagram Stories

Stories are taking center stage on Instagram these days. You should, therefore, take them more seriously and upload a few Stories every day. Consider using a scheduling tool to ensure that you don’t miss an opportunity to post your Stories over the week, for instance. That way, you can keep people visiting your feed.

The Bottom Line

Instagram will keep changing, and it is your job to embrace the changes. Don’t forget to keep checking what your competitors are doing and come up with ways to outsmart them. And, when your brand finally gets the attention it deserves; know how you can use the exposure to put more money into your pocket.