What Do Long Term Travel Insurances Cover

If you plan on going on a long trip the first thing you want to hook yourself up with is a travel insurance that covers as many things as possible. You never know what can happen so it’s important to get one that’s broad enough for any unforeseen circumstance that can occur, no matter how crazy it might sound, anything can happen, especially when you’re on the road so let’s see what most insurances cover.

Cancellation Coverage

There’s nothing so annoying as getting sick during your holiday, some weird insect might bite you and your bed-bound for a couple of days, laying there with a high fever that causes you to miss your flight, so this is definitely the least you want to be insured for as the costs can add up rather quick.

This cancellation policy isn’t only limited to getting sick but covers many more ways that don’t allow you to travel, think of a death in your family or your travel partner getting involved in some incident that you don’t want to leave alone.

Not just that, there might be a hurricane where you are or at your destination that prevents you from moving on. Other things include but are not limited to your employer calling you back in case of emergency, this definitely depends on the type of job you have but it’s good to know you’re covered in such situation.

Another thing you might not have thought of is your travel company going bankrupt, or something as extreme as a terrorist incident, if you manage to tell the tale it’s good you can do it without extra costs.

Medical Coverage

There is a very real chance that your health insurer at home isn’t going to cover the costs in another country, especially if you live in a country where things are subsidized or where the cost of being hospitalized is a lot lower than the western country you are visiting while this happens.

It could be that your medical bills will be covered but if it requires you to book a special flight back, where you need extra space you can be pretty sure you’re health insurance isn’t going to cover any of that at all so it’s crucial you get yourself a travel insurance for this reason alone.

Evacuation Coverage

We do silly things on holidays sometimes, I went skiing while I hadn’t skied for years and instead of a somewhat flat area I went to do it on a glacier where there was more ice than snow. I wish you luck with that. I got myself evacuated and thanks to my experience in bribing and flattering it luckily didn’t cost me much as someone with a big snow shovel tractor was nearby but if it was a bit more of a deserted area it could’ve run into the papers quickly. Now I just paid it out of my own pocket but it could’ve been a lot worse.