Mongolian Faux Fur vs. Authentic Fur Pillows

Mongolian pillows – both made with faux fur and authentic fur – are increasingly becoming popular. Over ordinary pillows, the demand for fur pillows is high due to the extra comfort and style that they provide.

Thus, many homemakers maximize the allure of these pillows by using them for their home. While some want them for comfort, others are leaning towards style. Either way, Mongolian fur pillows are a nice addition to one’s home.

If you’re considering the idea of using fur pillows to add comfort and style to your home, getting one of the Mongolian fur pillows is a great idea. However, between pillows with faux fur and pillows with authentic fur, which kind should you go with?

About Faux Fur

Going with faux fur is a great idea since Mongolian faux fur pillows are made of fabric. They are made of artificial fibers, which have been sheared for the right length. That said, they are very easy to sew. They are also impervious to moths and can prevent deterioration without the need for cold storage.

The fact that they are relatively cheap is another reason why faux fur is such a hit. With them, you won’t have to sacrifice comfort and style if you want to spend less on home décor. While not being difficult for your pocket, it allows you to experience the soft and smooth feel of real fur.

Conversely, the downside of faux fur pillows boils down to their materials. Blends of modacrylic and acrylic polymers are examples of these materials. Since they provide insufficient insulation, faux fur pillows are less breathable compared to their authentic counterparts. Their materials are also why they cannot prevent re-freezing and melting on fiber filaments.

About Authentic Fur

Choosing Mongolian authentic fur pillows is a great alternative, too. Over their Mongolian faux counterparts, their main advantage is the unparalleled warmth they provide.

Then, there’s the outstanding feature of an authentic fur pillow’s texture. This answers the dilemma of many people who find it difficult to differentiate authentic fur from faux fur. After merely feeling the two kinds of fur pillows, you will discover that one is softer and smoother than the other. Of course, the softer and smoother one is the pillow with authentic fur.

Contrary to the popular assumption that it’s not environmentally-friendly, authentic fur actually gives Mother Earth a nod when it comes to degradation. Authentic fur pillows break down naturally over time. If you no longer want them around in your home, you can simply put them away so they can naturally degrade.

And, compared to faux fur pillows, authentic fur pillows are more breathable. Especially if you live in a cold region, authentic fur can provide better comfort.

On top of all that, you won’t be worrying about shedding with authentic fur pillows. With proper storage, there are less likely to be bald spots on this kind of pillows over time.

A small setback of Mongolian pillows made with authentic fur is their price. Unfortunately, many of this kind are more expensive than the pillows made with faux fur. If you’re conscious of your budget, their counterparts may be the better choice.

Your Choice

Overall, the choice is up to you. Both kinds of Mongolian fur pillows are great to have. As mentioned, each kind comes with its own set of advantages and minor disadvantages. Just take note of these features and determine what works better according to you.

Granted that you care for them well, Mongolian fur pillows can last a long time. They are durable and are made of high-quality materials. More than a decade from now, they are still going to be in your home.