One of the best ways to keep your golf course up and running is to make sure the maintenance crew maintains the green at the perfect height all the time. This includes a lot of mowing which requires you to have the right kind of mower. The greens need to be mowed each morning in a precise process. Here are some of the processes that you will go through to have the green perfect each time

The Right Mower

It is advisable to have a mower that will give you the best cut and one that will not stall in the middle of the task. If your mower is giving you problems, make sure you replace it with the right one from before with the next job. Take time to check the reviews so that you know how each compares when it comes to performance and ease of use.

The Pattern

Mowing a green is different from mowing the lawn. You mow the green from front to back, side-to-side, right to left and left to right. The right to left and left to right cuts are angle cuts. The superintendent is the one who decides the kinds of cuts each morning and tells the crew what to do each time. Each cut is usually the opposite of the cut made the previous day.

Once you have decided on the pattern, you can then start to cut. You can begin at the edge of the green or the corner. The decision to start at either end depends on the kind of cut. If you plan to start from front to back, the best way would be to start at the edge and cut in a straight line. If you are executing an angle cut, then you can start from the corner of the green and work across.

The Mowing

The mowing depends on the positioning of the cut. The first line is vital because it will dictate how the other lines run. It is, therefore, crucial to get the first line right. The back and forth motion will eventually result in turning of the mower. You can pivot the mower around for the next line using a single hand or both.


You need to keep your green in the right condition otherwise; your clients won’t enjoy their game. Make sure you cut the grass to the right size using the right blade height.