If you are an architecture and history enthusiast, one of the places that you must see when moving around is a local church or a cathedral. Churches are the best examples of the role of architecture, the subsequent evolution and the innovations in design and structure. You will come across many architectural designs that span thousands of years of Christian history.

For the owners of the church, it is vital that you preserve such a historical piece that is in your hands. Most cultures have traditions that they follow to the latter. You need to return the church to its previous elegance and beauty so that you can allow future generations to have a taste of the history. Repairing and restoring a church is both an art and a science. It is an art because the person handling the restoration ought to be an artist to restore this masterpiece. It is a science because the expert needs to study and identify the different factors that can help in restoration.

What You Need

You need experts in different categories. These include experts who are good in carpentry, plaster, decorative paintings, murals, stained glass, woodworks, marble and metal works, roofing and as well as furniture restoration. You don’t just wake up one day and ask someone to handle the task.

The process of restoration and repair is a meticulous task that needs to involve people who understand the job and who have done it somewhere else previously. Sometimes it helps to have a session where you teach the group about the history of the church so that they know their roles and what you expect them to do.

Apart from the team to perform these tasks, you also need a different team to assess the damage that has occurred over the years. The role of this team will be to assess the damages due to fire, earthquakes, and floods over time. By analyzing and assessing the damage and coming up with an estimate, you can come up with a priority list on what ought to be handled first and what should wait. You also get to know how much is needed for each task so that you can budget for each task.


Churches form a huge part of our history. One of the ways to keep this history alive is to make sure you keep the church in a perfect state so that it can tell the story of its history.