With a bicycle comes freedom for the kid – freedom to move and have fun. But let us be true to ourselves, with this freedom comes a lot of risks that you need to be aware of including injuries and skinned knees and elbows.

However, with the right equipment comes a sense of safety. Plus the right apparel, you are sure your kid can ride the bike safely all day long. Many parents opt for a helmet as the only gear, but the truth is that the helmet can’t prevent all the injuries, and if the kid doesn’t wear the right size correctly, it’s like wearing no helmet at all,

Buying the Right Bike

Many families buy the bike as an investment and keep it for many years passing it from generation to generation. A bike from the right dealer, such as one from Cycling Plaza, will be of much higher quality as compared to a bike from another source. Concerning longevity, such a bike also lasts longer with regular use as compared to other models.

Don’t buy a Bike That Is Too Big

For the first bike for your kid, you might be tempted to buy one that is too big hoping that he will “grow” into it. This is the first mistake a rookie makes, and it also presents a potential hazard. If you get to think about it, would you attempt to drive a car whose pedals you cannot reach?

And it isn’t about reaching the pedals; it is also about the difficulty in steering the bike since it is too heavy and too big.

When the bike isn’t easy to steer, you end up spoiling the fun for the kid as well.

What Size is right?

True to the word, there are a few charts that correlate the height of the kid and age to the size of the bike. The charts utilize the kid’s inseam as the guide. But the truth is that every kid is different regarding size.

The bike you choose should be such that the size of the bike should allow the kid to place one leg on the pedal and the other straight without leaning at all.

Safety Tip: Consider Brakes

For the young ones don’t opt for hand brakes because not all the kids have the strength to use hands to stop. Instead, choose models that have coaster brakes.