Every business needs marketing to succeed, and nobody cares whether you have any money at your disposal or not. You should remember to include this cost in your budget as a recurring expense even if you have a ready customer base. More than half of the adults in the world are connected to social media, and this explains why social media marketing is taking shape. Many business owners are embracing social media marketing because they know it is easy to reach many customers at a fraction of the cost they incur through traditional marketing. The following are crucial tips for using Instagram for marketing purposes.

    1. Have clear pictures

Instagram focuses much on photos which are picking very well with all generations. One picture can pass a message easily unlike texts which may require you to write several pages. Your photos and images should be clear and do not force customers to try and figure out what you meant to post. You can also explain processes using illustrations on infographics and animated videos. Photos are very efficient especially when you deal with physical products because they give the customers a feel of touch. A picture of you serving customers can also be very effective when you are in the service industry.

    1. Choose relevant hashtags

The good thing about this approach is that customers can trace old posts by simply quoting hashtags. It does not have to be in your niche, but you can comment even on sports and still promote your product to new customers. Look for trending topics in your niche and join the conversation wherever you can. It is not a must for you to be trained or be expert in marketing but just find a way of connecting your brand with what is trending on the social media. Follow some of the influencers in the field to learn of new hashtags and be among the first to capitalise.

    1. Take advantage of bots

Doing marketing work and performing your core business tasks can be overwhelming especially when you do everything all by yourself. Automation can save you all the hustle and leave you with enough time to fulfil orders and follow up with customers complains. Some bots such as those reviewed at selectedbest.info can search for relevant hashtags, engage customers and follow new users without any action from your side. Most of these bots come with several options with varying features depending on the charges involved. Premium versions have special features that increase engagement level.