One of the busiest rooms in every house is the kitchen. This is the place where you weave magic in your meals, where you come up with delicious meals. However, it is not ideal to enjoy good food when there is a foul smell coming from the trash can. The only bad thing is you have to keep the trash can within reach in a place that you can throw the trash easily. The good thing is that you have various options to hide the trash can to avoid this foul odor.

Underneath the Sink

If you have cabinets under the sink, you can clear them and place the trash can in the space. This will hide the trash can and keep the odor away. The only downside is that you need a moderate-sized trash can, which can fill up faster than bigger cans on the market. Check out available moderate-sized cans on Trash That and choose an ideal one.

The cabinet under the sink also hides the trash can away from the peeping eyes of visitors. Most trash cans are an eye sore; the cabinet makes it easy to hide it.

The Pantry

This shouldn’t be your first choice, but you need to consider it as a storage area. The size of the trash can you plan to put in the pantry depends on the space available to spare. The only downside is you are placing the trash can in an area where you also store the food you cook.

To make this work, you need to make sure you use trash liners and trash bags to make sure the odor doesn’t get to the food. Additionally, keep the trash can emptying routine more regular. Don’t wait for the trash can to fill before you take it out.

Place in a Box

This is a special trick to hide the trash can. Know the size of the trash can and find a matching storage container from your local department store. The biggest advantage in this case is that the storage container design blends with the existing décor. Makes sure you match the color or design of the trash can with the cabinets or ceiling board.

Takeaway Tips

Make sure you work with high quality trash cans that will survive the regular handling. The can should come with well-fitting lids that are of high quality. If you have the money, invest in top-end trash can liners that prevent the odor from getting out. Following these tips makes sure you keep your trash out, and avoid odor in the home.