Heating plays a special role in improving comfort in the home or office. Without proper heat or warmth, the indoor environment can be too cold or too hot. There are a number of devices that are used to provide the necessary heat. One of the common heat sources is infrared heaters. Unlike other heaters, this type works by using infrared light. This light which is invisible to the human eye heats the objects in the surrounding such as skin and clothes. With so many brands in the market, it can be challenging to find the right type. However, the following factors help in making the right choice:

Power Consumption

Like other heaters used in the home or office, infrared heaters require a power source to operate. They usually run on natural gas, propane gas, and electricity. Whichever, the power source, a consumer is always concerned with cost. The goal is get satisfactory heat while keeping the costs low. The consumption is determined by several factors. These include type of heater, size of space to be heated, design, and more. For small or single spaces, electric-powered standalone units are more economical.


There are several costs that are associated with the heaters. There is the purchasing cost, running and also maintenance cost. Infrared heaters are used as an alternative to the more traditional heat stoves, pellet stoves, and also propane stoves. The best product is not necessarily the most expensive. However, a person should not sacrifice efficiency for economy. Heaters powered by electricity have lower maintenance costs compared to propane or natural gas. They are also smaller and are less expensive to install.

Type of Heater

Infrared-type of heaters also differ in terms of design. The type of power source and area of use will influence choice. For instance, a standalone type of heater is suitable for a single or small room. Also, it is cheaper to install and maintain compared to central-heating, propane or gas powered system. Standalone heaters are quite portable and can be moved from one room to another. However, standalone units are not very effective in many rooms or large spaces.


A good heater should be friendly to the user. It should be easy to install, operate and also maintain. A person planning to use it in a single room will be suited with an electricity heater. In case, the unit will be used in several situations such as garage, basement, workshop, single rooms and other areas then a portable type is most effective. A unit that is enclosed in a cabinet is safe to use around children. This is because the outer surface is never too hot to touch.

People complain about purchasing the wrong product quite often. The accessory may be consuming too much electricity thus increasing the monthly power bill. It may come in a design which is not friendly to the user. The heat produced may be insufficient for the space, or it is expensive. Knowing how to choose the right product goes a long way in creating the right indoor atmosphere. This is why it is important for a person to go through the above checklist. In so doing, a consumer will not only buy the most reliable infrared heater but a product that will give long-lasting service.